Shockwaves began to friend s mom radiate through her body and she began to shake as an immediate orgasm hit her. Xan watched as her eyes flew open wide and a deep moan escaped her lips as Toni came again

Usually, she would have incest storys xxx stopped. But there was no stopping now. Her finger rubbed her clit with increasing intensity as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her. She could not stop. She did not want to stop. She'd never felt anything like this before in her lifetime

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Xan smiled as he watched the incest erotica stories housewife bring herself off again and again. He had seen it all before. The drug always had a strong effect the first time. Women became helpless to their desire for satisfaction. He slowly stroked his cock as he watched

Toni was out of control. She'd made herself cum ten sex cartoons incest mother son mother son incest times and wanted more. Her eyes drifted to Xan and fixated on his small hard cock. She watched him stroke it slowly and she felt a shudder go through her as she pictured him sliding it in and out of her. She wanted him as she's never wanted anything

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Xan had watched enough. He stood up from having incest with mother his seat and moved between Toni's spread legs. She watched as he positioned himself at her opening. Part of her did not want to move her hands from her pussy. They were giving her too much pleasure. But another part wanted that cock in her. She pulled back to allow him access. Xan buried his three-inch cock into Toni in one stroke

"AAAAAAHHHHHHGGGGGG!" Toni screamed as millions of nerve endings inside her mother fuck pussy exploded, sending pleasure messages to her brain

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Toni began to scream and fathers sons pics squeal as Xan slowly fucked her. Her hands went to his ass, pulling him as deep as he could go into her as she pumped against him

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Xan slowly fucked the xxx incest pictures mother and son housewife and mother as he watched her face twist in pleasure as she came and came again. Her eyes bulging out and her mouth open, and her face contorted. Nothing beat the first time with a new wife for him. He knew his cock was small, but knew it was giving Toni pleasure she'd never experienced until now

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"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" sex stories incest step daughter Toni began to moan over and over again

She could not get enough. Each stroke of Xan's three-inch family guy porn cartoons cock drove her over a wall she'd never been close to before. Xan pumped and pumped as quickly and as hard as he could, but being almost 70, he could not do much more. His back beginning to give up, Xan pulled away and reclined on the couch. He signaled for Toni to mount him and she did quickly

Toni straddled Xan and quickly grabbed his penis and inserted it uk incest pictures into her waiting pussy. She put her hands on Xan's small chest and began to pump her pelvis against his. She was out of control as orgasm after orgasm swept over her body

videos movies incest Toni rode Xan until he could hold back no longer

Xan pushed gay fathers fuck sons up into Toni and screamed. "I cumming!

Every nerve my sexy daughter ending in Toni's pussy exploded as Xan's cum shot up into her. It felt as though she could feel every one of several million sperm hitting her vaginal walls and swimming around, caressing her deeply inside crossdressing mom incest stories

"AAAAIIIIIIEEEEEE!" Screamed Toni as she came again and incest taboo dvd sale again as she pumped all of Xan's sperm from his softening cock. Xan looked up at the writhing housewife, her body drenched in sweat, her hair damp, and her face twisted as she came and came again.

Toni pumped and brother sister incest video pumped until she could move no more. She collapsed on top of Xan, who was quite out of breath at this time. He let her lay there and then slowly crawled out from under her. Toni lay there unconscious, drenched in sweat xxx incest toons son of sam

Xan showered and then incest cartoon art tgp called for Mantoo. He entered to a sight he had seen many times before. A new wife freshly fucked by Dr. Xan after she'd been drugged. Xan instructed him to clean her up and drive her home

Mantoo carried Toni to hot incest moms the shower and washed her off. He took liberties with her body as he washed and rinsed her naked form. She was too out of it to know or care. He pinched her nipples and touched her pussy. He hoped that some day he might have a chance at this woman. But he feared the powerful Xan. He was small and old, but Mantoo knew better that to disobey Xan anal moms

He dressed Toni and drove her home. mother forces young boy incest He placed her in her bed, where she slept the rest of the day and night. Her sleep was restless, filled with sexual images. She awoke drowsy the next morning and found her husband sitting at the table drinking coffee

Don quickly male gay incest left after some chitchat, leaving Toni to make her own breakfast. She looked at the clock and saw how late it was. She was amazed she had slept to late movies incest dad fuck son

As the morning went on, her mind began to dirty daughter sucks daddy clear and she began to think about the day before. She had gone to see Xan. What had happened? She was having trouble remembering. That bothered her. She had an excellent memory. She recalled Mantoo picking her up and seeing some of the factory, but the rest of the day was cloudy in her mind

That night, Don and hardcore incest galleries her made love. And it was better than it had been in years. She did not know if the new job was maybe distressing their lives, but Don was very good that night! And she had had a good orgasm. One that was so good, she had to clench her teeth to keep herself from crying out incest rape brutal moms fucking son

The next day she was invited to Donna's for coffee. As dad son and brother incest they sat and chit chatted, Donna asked how she enjoyed her trip to see Xan. Toni did not want to admit she had little recollection of it and just replied it was fine. But something began to bother her

That night she began to talk to Don. advice forum incest She told him she was troubled by her trip to see Dr. Xan. She asked him again about what kinds of things they did there. Don got defensive and they argued. asian mom

The next few days, hector el father Toni began to experience some flashbacks. Some came to her in dreams. Some came as she was sitting quietly reading. At first, they were sexual images of her husband Don, and then slowly Dr. Xan began to appear in them. She was shocked at first. How could she be having fantasies about that sweet little old man

After several days of this, she began to realize hot dad son sex that something else happened on her trip to see Dr. Xan. She began to wonder if she had been drugged. But how could that be possible? She was so confused. She needed to talk to someone. She called Donna mom vs son

Donna listened and adult incest cartoons sounded concerned. Toni was afraid she'd sound insane. Toni asked Donna what she knew about the X Corporation. Donna knew very little too. Donna then invited Toni over saying perhaps we should discuss this in private at her house

Toni walked over to find Donna sitting incest picture gallery in her kitchen. She offered Toni a cup of coffee and asked her to tell her more of her memories. Toni began to open up. She thought that Xan had perhaps drugged her and abused her sexually in some way. Donna listened and watched as Toni consumed the coffee. The one Donna had made special, just for her brother sister have sex my dads gone crazy

Donna watched as Toni began to get incest as violence against women girls more animated and her eyes and speech began to cloud a bit. She knew it would not be long before the drug would take it's full effect

Toni began to feel a bit woozy. Donna offered her an hottest incest pics arm and told her she needed to lie down on the couch to rest. Toni followed her, unaware of what was happening to her. Donna sat her down and left the room. Toni sat there feeling stranger and stranger, until she closed her eyes and drifted off true incest

Toni awakened slowly. Her brother sister kiss mind a cloudy of confused thoughts. She was hearing sounds, loud sounds, and people talking and making other loud sounds. Was someone being hurt? She heard screaming. What was going on

She opened her eyes and tried mother daughter pics to focus, but everything was hazy. She closed her eyes and drifted off again. She was dreaming about Don. They were having sex and he was performing oral sex on her. Something he'd never done particularly well. But today he was.

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Toni kept thinking. "Wow honey. mother spank sex stories You really know what you're doing today.

She drifted in and out for brother sister virtual sex another minute. She was getting ready to cum. Something she never did when Don performed oral on her. And it felt like a big one

Toni's body jumped as a huge orgasm swept free daddy porn over her. She thrust per pelvis up against Don and pumped hard against his tongue as she exploded in pleasure. She pumped and pumped until the spasms stopped. She'd never felt so good. And Don had never licked her so well. And he wasn't stopping. And she felt like she was going to cum again

Toni exploded again mothers daughters alcoholism and her body shook with pleasure. She screamed and pumped against her husband as he delighted her unlike any other time in their marriage. Her mind could not believe how good Don was making her feel. She lay there as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her

Her hand drifted down to Don's true incest blog head as her third orgasm approached. She wanted to grab his head and hold it tight against her pussy as she came again. She grabbed a large amount of hair and pulled Don's head tight as she exploded again in orgasm

Some small part of her consciousness suddenly realized incest father girl something was wrong here. She opened her eyes, but her vision was still cloudy. Her husband Don was almost bald! She blinked here eyes again and again, trying to clear up the fog in her eyes and her brain.

Who was doing mother and daughter nude this to her? Who's hair did she have a hold on

Toni lifted her head and blinked young mom and son incest and her vision cleared slightly. Just then another orgasm approached and washed over her. It caused her to tilt her head back and push against whomever was between her legs. She slowly opened her eyes and blinked as she raised her head again

"Oh my God!" Screamed Toni as she saw that erotic stories father daughter it was Donna between her legs! Donna did not look up and kept licking Toni's pussy. Toni tried to struggle, but her body felt weak and helpless. She blinked and lifted her head again and saw that Donna and her were not alone. Dr. Xan was behind Donna and he was fucking her

"Oh God Donna! Please stop! Please don't!" daddy mommy sex Toni screamed as she now fully realized what was happening. She tried to move away from Donna, but was helpless under the effects of the drug

Xan looked down at the helpless housewife and smiled. He father young daughter was enjoying fucking Donna. But he wanted another crack at this new one. He fucked Donna for another minute before he pulled back and withdrew

Donna quickly stopped licking Toni and began to father having sex with son look at Xan in desperation. She was under the influence of the drug too. She needed fucking badly

"Oh God. disneys proud family porn Don't stop. You promised me!" Donna moaned and begged

"Don't worry my darling. show short free rape incest videos Your loyalty will be rewarded." Said the smiling Xan

Xan nodded at his manservant virtual incest photos Mantoo. He quickly rose from his seat and disrobed. Donna's pussy gushed in anticipation at what she knew was coming and went back to licking Toni

Mantoo quickly got behind Donna and pushed his free incest stories illustrated gigantic black cock into her waiting pussy. Donna squealed in delight as Mantoo began to fuck her slowly. She put her head back between Toni's legs and began to lick and suck her pussy again

Toni's mind was a jumble top incest toon of thoughts, emotions, and feelings. What was going on was so surreal to her. She was lying in her new friends bed, naked, while Donna licked her pussy, while Mantoo fucked Donna from behind. She looked and saw Dr. Xan reaching for something. Dr. Xan then approached with a small bottle and syringe

"My dear. I am father to son inspirational sayings going to have to accelerate your training." He said smiling as he extracted some liquid from the bottle into the syringe. He softly grabbed Toni's arm and tapped her forearm lightly. Toni watched helplessly as he injected the liquid directly into her arm

Toni immediately felt dad on daughter sex a flush rush through her body. Then her skin and every nerve ending began to tingle with excitement. The feeling in her pussy magnified one hundred times and she began to explode in orgasm every ten seconds on Donna's tongue

She screamed in father dotter sex delight over and over again. Her clit felt as though it was six inches long as Donna sucked and licked it. She looked up at Mantoo and watched as he slowly fucked Donna and it caused her to cum. Her mind was a sea of sexual thoughts she never thought possible

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Xan watched as Toni came again ginger lynn and brother having sex and again. He had given her a massive dose directly into her system. He knew now she would be hooked. She would do anything for the drug. Anything for a repetition of what she was feeling now. And he wanted to be part of it

He waved at Mantoo and he brother fucking his sister pulled Donna back and laid her on the bed next to Toni. Dr. Xan then got between Toni's legs and began to fuck her. Toni screamed in delight as one million nerve endings exploded inside her pussy and began to send pleasure waves to her brain. She had no other thought in her mind now other than the small hard cock of Dr. Xan and how it was making her feel

Donna spread her legs and invited Mantoo to fuck her simpson hentai incest hard. This was her reward for betraying Toni and she had longed for it. She had heard of Mantoo's reputation from one of the other wives who had been fortunate enough to fuck him, and now it was her turn